Swansea Girls Hockey League
Our History

The Swansea Girls Hockey League (SGHL) started in 1970. The League was developed because we saw the demand and need for a girls hockey association in the community. The Association will be celebrating its 50th season in 2019-2020. Today we are not only the oldest, but also the largest outdoor girls league in the City of Toronto.

Our association provides two service locations at both an outdoor location (Rennie Park) and at an indoor location (George Bell Arena). Our hockey program is available to all girls ages 7- 18 and there is a capacity for 136 players across 8 teams. The league has been designed as a starter league where players are able to learn about and develop the basic skills of hockey as well as a love for the game.

We are extremely grateful to our founders Mrs. Claire Roche, Mrs. Jean Ritch, Mrs. Ann Salerno, Mrs. Janice Drown, Mrs. Doreen Sharkey, and Mrs. Lynda Mitchell.

Upcoming Games

# Game Date Arena Away Team Home Team
09 Sat Feb 24 8 AM Rennie Park Intelliware Bloor West Dental
10 Sat Feb 24 9 AM Rennie Park Hockey Hall of Fame Dogtopia
11 Sat Feb 24 10 AM Rennie Park August's Harvest Newson's Bike and Skate
12 Sun Feb 25 6 PM Rennie Park Cheese LLDG Law

Recent Results

# Game Date Away Team Score Home Team
05 Wed Feb 21 August's Harvest 3 0 LLDG Law
06 Wed Feb 21 Newson's Bike and Skate 7 5 Cheese
07 Wed Feb 21 Intelliware 2 2 Dogtopia
08 Wed Feb 21 Bloor West Dental 6 2 Hockey Hall of Fame