Swansea Girls Hockey League
November 20, 2021
Regular Season

The regular season is now set to start on Wednesday November 24th, 2021!

Our last game had been on March 11, 2020 so it's more than overdue and we are thrilled to finally be back.

Team compositions are available under the Teams tab and all players should expect to receive word from their coaches in the next day or so.

Game on!

June 1, 2021
2021-2022 Season

We are looking forward to the 2021-2022 season and we are hopeful we will be able to have a more-or-less normal season. We'll know more as fall approaches and we'll be updating families directly as well as posting updates here.

There are a couple of things we do know will be slightly different from past seasons.

One is that we are planning a longer-than-usual preseason. The preseason is a time where players get back into the swing of things, and the league gets the opportunity to learn where all its players are at, developmentally.

With our last game having been played of March of 2020, we all will need a little longer than usual to get ready for the regular season. We'll have more details for everyone about the structure of the season in late August.

The other change is that as the season of 2020-2021 began, the City of Toronto restricted access to the arena to players and coaches only. For our youngest players who were brand new to hockey, we created a mentoring system with our oldest players to give them someone to guide them through the process and to be there to answer questions and to help in any way they could.

This turned out to be even more amazing than we'd hoped and even if we have parents in the stands as the new season begins, we'll be re-using the idea as an ongoing idea. The mentoring pairs will be together for the preseason and practices.

Upcoming Games

# Game Date Arena Away Team Home Team
55 Wed Jan 26 7 PM Rennie Park La Spesa Newson's
56 Wed Jan 26 8 PM Rennie Park Oxford Learning Intelliware
59 Sat Jan 29 8 AM Rennie Park Cheese Boutique Intelliware
60 Sat Jan 29 9 AM Rennie Park Hockey Hall of Fame Newson's
61 Sat Jan 29 10 AM Rennie Park La Spesa Bloor West Dental
62 Sat Jan 29 11 AM Rennie Park LLDG Law Oxford Learning

Recent Results

# Game Date Away Team Score Home Team
51 Sat Jan 22 Cheese Boutique 1 2 La Spesa
52 Sat Jan 22 LLDG Law 0 0 Bloor West Dental
53 Sat Jan 22 Hockey Hall of Fame 2 5 Newson's
54 Sat Jan 22 Intelliware 1 4 Oxford Learning