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In past years, SGHL has organized its practice time by team.

We now are instead organizing practices based on player development levels, with each practice session tailored to the players at that level. We've scheduled things so that all players should have at least the same amount of practice time as in the past, but now with each hour composed of drills and games more closely tailored to their specific needs.

Below the practice schedule is the list of all our players, divided into one of four groups. The grouping for the players is fairly flexible and if you would like to attend a practice a friend or sister who is in a different group, please talk to your coach; these requests are easily accommodated.

Note that both practice hours on January 29th are dedicated specifically to our 3rd liners where we will be developing team skills where we cover working as a group (forechecking, working together to exit your zone, etc). We very strongly encourage all 3rd liners to attend this special practice.

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
SunDec 106PM
SunDec 176PM
SunJan 146PM
SunJan 216PM
SunFeb 116PM
SunFeb 186PM
SunDec 107PM
SunJan 76PM
SunJan 217PM
SunFeb 46PM
SunFeb 117PM
SunDec 177PM
SunJan 77PM
SunJan 147PM
SunFeb 47PM
SunFeb 187PM
SunJan 286PM
Bloor West Dental
Hockey Hall of Fame
Oxford Learning Centre Ice Hawks
SunJan 287PM
Cheese Boutique
Essence of Life
Intelliware Warriors
Rizo Lola Rangers
All practices take place at Rennie Park
Note: All third liners are very welcome to attend any or all "Group 3" practices as well as their own special "Third Liners Only" practice on January 28th