Swansea Girls Hockey League
Our History

The Swansea Girls Hockey League (SGHL) started in 1970. The League was developed because we saw the demand and need for a girls hockey association in the community. The Association will be celebrating its 52nd season in 2021-2022. Today we are not only the oldest, but also the largest outdoor girls league in the City of Toronto.

Our association provides two service locations at both an outdoor location (Rennie Park) and at an indoor location (George Bell Arena). Our hockey program is available to all girls ages 7- 18 and there is a capacity for 136 players across 8 teams. The league has been designed as a starter league where players are able to learn about and develop the basic skills of hockey as well as a love for the game.

We are extremely grateful to our founders Mrs. Claire Roche, Mrs. Jean Ritch, Mrs. Ann Salerno, Mrs. Janice Drown, Mrs. Doreen Sharkey, and Mrs. Lynda Mitchell.

Things to know about the league

There are a number of notable features of the league, and they all stem from the unique fact that each team is composed of 17 players ranging in age from 7 to 17.

Each team's players is divided into three lines. Line 1 is the group of youngest players, Line 2 the group that is slightly older, and Line 3 its oldest players.

Prior to the formation of the teams in mid-October, the league has a lengthly pre-season where we look to understand where each of our players is developmentally with a goal of finding the best opportunity for her to experience both accomplishment and challenge.

Once teams have been assigned, games are 45 minutes long with 15 shifts of 3 minutes each. The game begins with each team's first line facing each other. After three minutes, play is stopped and each team's second line comes on to play. After three more minutes the third lines come out for their shift. After the third line shift is done, the cycle repeats.

We play both indoor and outdoor games. The indoor season runs from September through April while our outdoor season is from December through February.


September, October, and November: Wednesday evening games at either 7pm or 8pm. During those months each team plays on alternating Wednesdays.

December, January, and February, every team plays Wednesday evening at either 7pm or 8pm. There are also Saturday morning games at 8am, 9am, and 10am and Sunday evening practice times at 6pm and 7pm.

March and April are playoffs and we're back to indoor ice only, so Wednesday evenings at 7pm and 8pm with four teams playing on any given week.


Registration for the 2021-2022 season is complete though we are still accepting requests for placement on our waiting list though the waiting list has reached a size where it becomes very unlikely that we would be able to offer a spot to anyone registering from this point forward.

To register for the waiting list for the upcoming season, email Gilles at convener@sghl.ca with your daughter's full name and date of birth. You will receive a link to a personalized registration form where you can provide us the information needed for registration. Placement on the waiting list takes place once that form is completed and agreement is made to its included waiver.

The cost for the season is $225 but is due only if we are able to offer you a roster spot and you are still inclined to accept at that time.

Policy regarding girls on the same team

The SGHL strives to provide a positive hockey experience through fun competition among eight equally matched teams.

It is understood that a lot of the players would like to be on the same teams as their friends, but that is not always possible. The important thing is to have teams that can compete on an equal basis. Our schedule ensures that all the players play and practice together throughout the season regardless of what team they are on.

Sisters are always placed on the same team, but in the absence of exceptional circumstances we do not automatically group players on a team.

That said, while there are no guarantees, occasions can arise where we can take into account these preferences when we go through the process of assembling the teams.

Please do let us know of your requests, but please understand that it often is not possible to fulfill them.

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